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Friday, December 4, 2009

Hantaran Bunga Cinta Adlina

Salam semua...December oh december...bulan yg sangat2 busy...!! nak update blog pon tak cukup mase..di tambah pulak si baby arshad yg tak sihat..wedding sane sini..emm..i was so tired..

This is our latest hantaran using cindarella carriage..this carriage style become a great Goreng Pisang Panas for the year end wedding..guys..i have another new design of cindarella carriage..tunggu...i'll upload the photo soon..the carriage looks is getting better than the previous one..just from my own point of view..dunno wat is ur feedback yet..i still dunno wat to name it..any suggestions? anyway the hantarans below were decorated for Nizam for his engagement...7 dulang hantaran..congrats n thx ijam..to his sister too..tqvm kak nurul..! Oopppss..forgotten already la guys...his cake n cupcakes were baked from Gula dan Mentega kitchen...comey tak?


Dina Halim Bridal Boutique said...

salam awak, letak la pumpkin design terbaru awak tu..cantekk laa..hu hu hu..

Ms Liana Levski said...

boleh bagi quotation tak??


Admin said...

Cinta itu sememangnya indah
P/s : kedai cenderahati