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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Salam semua..another 2 more orders nak buat...yg lain tu might be during my confinement..! bile dah sihat2 sikit tu la kan..now, im taking very long long holiday..insyaallah..! (i'll be back on June'09..hopefully there is more exciting job to do with my jari-jemari...) but business is still on going.. Ur inquiry, sms or call..will be attended, especially rental item..should't be a problem! if not me..huahaha..mungkin u can liase with my assistant...sape lagi if not my dear sister or hubby..hehe..ni la helper yg sangat bole di harap..! tq tq...
Niat hati nak upload new pic..(camera canon yg rosak tu boleh repair..tukar LCD aje..hehe..no need to buy a new one..it cost me about RM180 aje..murah...murah..) tengok la klu ade mase...and "my little" one tak kacau..! ade new hantaran english colour concept-white & classic pink, new hantaran theme - black, white & green.. new dulang for rental, new item for souvenir & gift..n yg paling hot, i have 2 sets ready made hantaran for sales...barang baru tau...! bukan stok lame..silver & gold theme colour (exclusive colour) but very reasonable price..below RM500 for 7 & 9 trays..bile la agaknye nak upload tu ye...harap semua memahami...thanks for ur support k..