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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hantaran - Sweet Touch of Cinderella

This is our latest Cinderella Pumpkin decoration...specially made for my
ex-officemate's brother...he requested the sweetest hantaran for his future
wife n he is very particular guy i ever met! hehe...very gud! as a women..we deserved
to get something really special right! ..we met twice for discussion..n here some of
the hantarans..but finally he decided to use the real one (Fresh Pink Roses)
instead of artificial flower.
Cinderella Pumpkin anyone..! I received a lot of call/text regarding this cinderella pumpkin... Now i open order to those who really interested to have it as ur personal/business collections..please call/text me ya..happily to share with u guys...!

Announcement to our next client out there..!! Get ur special price when u confirmed
order for Cinderella's Set Hantaran before end of December 2009...


Cursive said...

ehh.. saye ade tgk dlm satu blog ni pumpkin dier same ngan awk, tp dier dpt inspirasi dr nas, awk pon dpt inspirasi dr nas ke? hehe.. ;)

siti said...

oh ye ke..ade yeh! tak perasan pulak..but he is really nas great idea..but mine one is inspired by someone else..since last year i found this cinderella pumpkin..

Ms Liana Levski said...

sgt sweeeeettttt..nak2 kaler pink plak tuh..geram tgk n sgt jeles kt sesapa yg dpt hantaran cenggini..hukhuk
boleh sewa ke pumpkin ni??
kalu nak beli plak cmne yer??

jemari kreatif said...

hi liana...klu nak beli send me an email ya..thx..

Anonymous said...

Suke sgt tgk pumpkin penah gak tgk kat tmpt len..klu nak beli bp price die?
ni email sy : photogenicgirl_87@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

could you plz mail me the price of that pumpkin? only pumpkin... fadzli.noor@yahoo.com
very appreciate it

Anonymous said...

berminat sgt nk beli set pumpkin ni..
brape hrganye ye??
emel me at chentadhearty@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

email me price of this Cinderella pumpkin plz.... n oso if include post fees ya.... tq.... farah.diet@yahoo.com