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Monday, May 25, 2009

Ready Made Hantaran 2 - SOLD

Ready Made Hantaran - Forever Love

1 Set
7 Dulang Hantaran
Base colour - White, Maroon & Black
6 Types - A,B,C,D,E & F

Item Description

Type A x1 - Ring Holder
- 1 Ring holder
- 5 Fragrance Potpouri
- Double layer decorated foam

Type B x1 - Cookies/ Chocolate/ Cup Cakes/ Candy
- 2 plastic boxes 5"(H) x 3.5"(L) x 3.5" (W)
- 1 White Wooden Tray
- Double layer decorated foam

Type C x1 - Cookies/ Chocolate/ Potpouri
- 3pcs White Ceramic Bowls (D) 3"
- 1 White Woden Tray
- Double layer decorated foam

Type D x2 - Small Item/ Perfume Set/ Watch/ Handphone/ Fruits/ Cup Cakes
- 1 White Wooden Tray
- Double layer decorated foam

Type E x1 - Tepak Sireh/ Shirt/ Clothes/ Kitab/ Shoes/ Handbag/ Towel/ Sejadah
- Single layer decorated foam

Type F x1- Tepak Sireh/ Shirt/ Clothes/ Kitab/ Shoes/ Handbag/ Towel/ Sejadah
- Single layer decorated foam

Seronoknya dapat buat set hantaran ni..dapat idea dari Majlis Kahwin ex-officemate..cantik majlis dia, bright red & black..dari canopy sampai la ke set persalinan..huh! outstanding colour..kotemporari style! sape2 yg berkenan set ni.., cepat call kami sekarang! Get our promotion price...very reasonable ! Ape tunggu lagi..


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